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Dani Grant (USV) & Patrick Stanley (Blockstack) on Trust, Privacy, and Exciting Crypto Use-Cases
October 25th, 2019
About this Episode
In this episode, Patrick Stanley of the Blockstack PBC Growth team chats down with Dani Grant to chat about the ways they think users will interact with crypto in the future, what trust means, how brands fulfill (or don't fulfill) their promises, data privacy and portability, crypto use cases they're excited about.
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About Our Guest
Dani Grant is an analyst at Union Square Ventures. Dani comes from the Product Strategy team Cloudflare, where she was a part of growing the IPv6 internet, helping provide DNS service to the F-Root server, and launching the fastest DNS resolver, Before Cloudflare, Dani was an intern on BuzzFeed's product team, designed infographics for Young & Rubicam, spent time on the Ogilvy team in Shanghai, China, and flew to Bhutan with Matternet to use drones to transport medical supplies.
    Dani Grant
    Patrick Staney