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Will 'Winning Money' Help Crypto Crossover In the Next Ten Years? with Dan Romero
August 21st, 2020

About this Episode
Blockstack PBC's Head of Growth, Patrick Stanley, is joined by Dan Romero (Coinbase). They discuss the ways crypto has tried to appeal to users over the years and explore reasons why adoption has tended toward financial products, despite a multitude of exciting and likely profitable possibilities enabled by blockchains and decentralized infrastructure. Dan predicts that the current push to compete against fiat currencies and 'win money' will eventually yield positive results for more mainstream use-cases.

The two also discuss the concepts of 'Proof of Hodl' wherein users can provably demonstrate their belonging and beliefs by holding certain digital assets as well as the idea of 'scarcity as a primitive'. The two briefly touch on the Big Tech Anti-Trust hearings and close by examining why VCs (and the general public) seem to ignore growth and treat crypto so differently.
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  • Dr. Uri Klarman
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    Head of Growth, Blockstack PBC