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The Weaponization of Your Data with Brittany Kaiser (Cambridge Analytica, #OwnYourData)
July 15th, 2020
About this Episode
Blockstack PBC's Head of Growth talks to Brittany Kaiser, Founder of Own Your Data Foundation, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, and the subject of Netflix's 'The Great Hack' documentary, for a thorough exploration of how companies are leveraging data to influence people and consolidate power. Brittany leverages her incredible expertise and unique perspective to explain how systems like the ones used by Cambridge Analytica for the Brexit, Trump, and other campaigns were conceived and designed. They cover the psychographic techniques being used today by companies and governments, how systems acquire and use our data from social media to play on our individual emotions to generate specific actions, and why many consider these tools to be weapons.
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Brittany Kaiser
Founder, Own Your Data
Patrick Staney
Head of Growth, Blockstack PBC