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Is 'Social Money' the Future of Web 3.0? with Bradley Miles of Roll
April 28th, 2020
About this Episode
In this episode, host Patrick Stanley of Blockstack PBC and Founder and CEO of Roll (tryroll.com), explore the underlying concepts and forces at work in 'social money economies'. The Roll network allows anyone to create 'branded digital tokens unique to your online presence' making it possible for you to 'own, control and coordinate the value you create'. Throughout the episode, they tease out the various ways people have begun using Roll and what the future might hold as activity on their network increase and matures. The discussion begs the question: Is Social Money the Future of Web 3.0?
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About Our Guest
Bradley is the founder and CEO of Roll, a social money platform redefining how we interact online. Roll enables anyone to create, send and use their own currency seamlessly across the web. Roll has raised venture capital from Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO @ Vaynermedia), Arthur Hayes (CEO @ BitMEX), Spencer Dinwiddie (Brooklyn Nets), Techstars Ventures and many other angels and VCs. There are currently over 100 communities on Roll including $ALEX, $CAMI and many other notable people in and outside of the Web 3 ecosystem. Ping him anytime at [email protected].

Claim 5 $ALEX here to join Roll and become one of the first 200 $ALEX hodlers (only for the first 30 to claim).
Bradley Miles
Patrick Staney